Outside Salina

Riots in Salina

Sep 2, 1879

Resting up

After the fight in the underground temple, the posse needs a few days of rest to heal up. Meanwhile, the town of Salina grapples with what was found under the temple.

The Headlines

Tula Faust publishes a front page story about a murdered boy in the basement of Zareb Chapel, the church of the Sons of Jacob.

Sheriff Clarence Bayley investigates and finds the hidden chamber under the temple, along with the corpse of Father Isiah. There is no sign of the angels, although the photos of them are pretty clear.

The boy is identified as Samuel Cole, a local boy from Woodfern St. He had been reported missing about a month ago.

No Investigation

With Isiah dead and Cole dead as well, the Sheriff says there won’t be any further investigation.

Masterson’s Response

With the Sons discredited, Masterson backs away from their support, but he tries to change the narrative. He writes letters to the editor framing the issue as personal rights: Assassins attacked a holy man in his own church!

The Pinkertons Arrive

A train load of Pinkertons arrives, led by Joshua Edgers. They all wear black dusters and black hats, and they’re all armed. The newspaper announces their arrival. They claim to be non-partisan private citizens, here to pursue justice on behalf of the murdered man, Dept. Undersecretary Villanook.

The Pinkertons come loaded for war, many of them toting heavy shotguns, rifles, and bristling with guns, all hidden beneath black trench coats.

Nathan’s Funeral

A few days later, Nathan’s parents and members of the Woodfern community take his coffin through the streets of Salina to the Zareb temple. The Pinkertons are waiting for them there and tell them to disperse…


Micah Micah

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