Outside Salina

Capturing Bayley

Nov 5, 1879

The Election Looms

Oct 23, 1879

  • Sheriff election in 12 days
  • Senate election in 19 days
The Black Duck Attacks

Oct 22, 1879

After running off The Dark Riders, someone comes running: “The Black Duck is attacking the town!”

Alonzo and the Dark Riders

Oct 21, 1879

Alonzo Wolff arrives, along with his crew, the Dark Riders. Trouble ensues in Salina.

Waking from the Hunting Grounds

Oct 14, 1879

Finding the Shaman

Oct 13, 1879

Hosa goes in search of a shaman who can teach her more of how to free the souls of slaves.

After the Pinkertons

Oct 12, 1879

Quote of the night: “Salina is the Iowa of Kansas.”

To the Rails

The aftermath of the Pinkerton Warehouse Massacre

Kansas Heats Up

Anti-Pinkerton Ideas

  • Attack supply lines
  • Ambush patrols
  • Bait them into attacking an abandoned building, then destroy it

The Hedville Depot

  • Lure the Pinkertons here and blow it up.


  • Build a maze inside the warehouse in Hedville
  • Spread information around town about the warehouse
    • Break the info into bits and pieces

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